SHORT TAKES: When it’s Time to Step Up at Work

By M.Zulkifli

It’s a common complaint; no promotion, no pay increase, no progress at work.

But just like in the movies, you have to move your own story. Sitting around, complaining on social media won’t get anyone, anywhere.

Here’s one tip: LEAD A PROJECT.

When an opportunity arises at work, take the challenge to lead it. Don’t say it’s not part of your job scope, or you’re doing someone else’s work; take it as an opportunity instead. Show what you can do. DON’T BE ‘BIASA-BIASA’. Or else, your life will be painfully ordinary forever.

So, don’t hide behind your laptop or point your finger in the direction of your colleagues when the stage is set for you to shine.

BUT, caution! Don’t expect instant rewards, as well. It might take a couple of projects to get you noticed, but it will definitely happen.

I always tell people, giving 100% at work is a given. You’ve signed a contract to give your 100% effort. You’re not working for free. You have to earn that salary. But more things will happen if you put in 120%, for example.

And take no heed of those who will tend to mock you for wanting to ‘tunjuk pandai’ (showoff) or ‘bodek bos’ (butter up the boss). Your career progress should not be speed-bumped by unsupportive colleagues.

Again, that 20% more effort won’t probably get you 20% more pay instantly. But your attitude, perseverance and effort will eventually bear fruit. Insya Allah!

M.Zulkifli is co-founder of

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