Turn Our Despair into Hope in Allah

The nature of this world is that it’s not perfect. That means we will at times go through pain, but not everyone goes through the same process of healing.

From the start of our lives, we go through a process of pain in order to learn and grow. A baby must leave the comfort of the womb to enter this world. A toddler must learn to stand and fall, stand and fall, stand and fall, in order to walk.

When we get hurt, our focus is on our ego. We focus so much on our pain that we can’t see outside of it, and in that state we stunt our own healing. One can understand why, but we end up making it worse for yourself, picking at the scab. However, it is important to state here that this does not delegitimize your pain and sadness. 

Our emotions are legitimate because they are created by Allah.

It is a dangerous statement to make that a believer should never be sad. The Prophets themselves felt sadness; in fact the day of Taif happened in the Year of Sadness! Allah does not ask us to suppress our emotions because they serve a purpose. 

Ya’cub (as) lost Yusof (as) and went blind out of sadness. This negates the myth that crying, and grief is from the lack of faith of patience. Rather, crying to Allah is the fastest way of healing. It is described in Quran in the state of tadarru’ – a state of humility and need for Allah. A believer will feel sad at times, but a believer should not despair. Despair and hopelessness is from Shaytan. 

Turn our despair into hope in Allah

This is what faith (iman) does for a believer – it turns us to the power of dua. The core of dua is hope in Allah. One of the biggest mistakes in our dua is to restricting Allah. Allah’s provision is endless, and nothing is impossible for Him. 

Zakariya (as) learned from Maryam (as) this important lesson. When he saw she received provision straight from Allah (fruits out of season), he asked Allah for a child even though he was old and his wife barren. 

Never limit the ability of Allah to provide for you. Never limit the mercy of Allah. When you ask, ask without restriction. The key to dua is hope. Never lose hope. 

Excerpt from:

The sweetness of Healing by Yasmin Mogahed on http://www.VisionaireRamadan.com

Timeless Seeds of Advice by B.B. Abdulla

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