8 Wonderful Waterfront Attractions in Malaysia

By M.Zulkifli

Give the malls a rest and take the family out to one of these wonderful waterfront attractions!

Tanjung Emas, Muar

Yes, we know, people come to Muar, Johor for the delectable local delicacies like mee bandung, martabak and sate, but make sure to stop by Tanjung Emas for a pleasant time with the fam. Serene with super clean surroundings, just take a leisurely stroll along the Muar River while the kids amuse themselves at the playground. Then, hop on board the Muar River Cruise for a relaxing jaunt and Instagrammable sights. At night, Tanjung Emas turns into a stunning coloufrul wonderland, giving visitors more memories to take home.   

Coco Cabana, Miri

Just a short drive away from the Miri city centre is Coco Cabana, the most popular spot to catch the sunset in this beautiful Sarawak city. Buy some snacks and drinks and pick out a spot to sit back and enjoy the fantastic panoramic view of the South China Sea in the evening. There’s usually a cool lineup of family-friendly attractions and activities like car-boot sales, artisan markets and fun rides for the young ones as well.

Taman Esplanade, Temerloh

The Patin Capital of Malaysia has quite a bit to offer visitors and the Esplanade is one of the must-visits. After snapping some obligatory wefies, make sure you take a boat ride along Sungai Pahang which will take you close to the iconic TEMERLOH sign. Come on a Sunday, and you also get to soak in the sights and sounds of Pekan Sehari, one of the country’s longest “pasar pagi”, that runs along the Esplanade and adjacent roads.

Port Dickson Waterfront

Lively especially during weekends, enjoy the nice sea breeze and the therapeutic sound of gentle crashing waves with an ice cream or cold drink in hand. You can also rent bicycles here for some fun family time, and when it’s time for dinner, just walk over to one of the many restaurants offering kopitiam fare, burger and fries, as well as scrumptious seafood favourites.

Kuching Waterfront

A must-visit when you’re in the Cat City, the Waterfront stretches for almost 1km along the south bank of Sarawak River. Serene and wonderfully picturesque, the opening of the S-shaped Darul Hana bridge in 2017 now offers an excellent 360° view of the city and its nearby landmarks. At night, things come alive with pop-up food stalls and family-friendly street entertainment. There’s even a Sunset River Cruise that offers more breathtaking views in a luxurious setting.

Melaka Riverside

Expect a hive of activities along Sungai Melaka with plenty to do, see, eat and even learn for the whole family. And of course, a trip here is incomplete without a ride along the river on the Melaka River Cruise. Beautiful during the day and simply captivating at night, it is indeed a trip through time with our rich culture and history as a wonderful centrepiece.

Kinta Riverfront, Ipoh

The Riverfront is absolutely beautiful at night with colourful LED lights on display. You can take a nice evening stroll here or sit down for a meal or drinks at one of the cafes along the Kinta River. The Ipoh Amusement Park is also located here, so there’s plenty for kids to do and enjoy, from colourful rides of all sizes, to bouncy castles and carnival games.

Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu

The Sabah capital was named by The Huffington Post as one of the world’s best places to catch the sunset some time back, and the place to go is Tanjung Aru. Make your way to the Tanjung Aru beach early in the evening and pick your spot for the big moment. While waiting, set up a picnic and simply enjoy some snacks or join in the kite-flying fun. Another option is to book a room at the renowned Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa and prepare for your breath to be taken away as you watch the sun sink into the horizon.  


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