9 Things To Do In 2023

By: Mymuslimin.com

Let’s make it a meaningful year to remember, Insya Allah!

Strengthen our solat

Let’s begin with the most important thing in our life, the first pillar of our faith, solat. Relearn everything there is to know and make a sincere and determined effort to take our solat to the next level. Don’t know where to begin? Here are some excellent videos (in BM) that we recommend.

Visit Morocco

Suddenly, we’re all fans of the Moroccan football team, thanks to the World Cup. And really, there is no better time than now to visit this stunning gem of a nation in North Africa. There’s so much to see and do here, from the historically diverse architectural styles, to the amazing food and the breathtaking landscapes. There are also many cities to choose from – including Fez, Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakesh – and the various Islamic history landmarks makes it a fun and educational trip for the whole family.

Colourful pottery shop in Fez, Morocco

Get fit

Ah yes, New Year New You, they say. Well, the beginning of a new year IS always a good time to start a new fitness routine, but we know that the key is consistency. If you’re a complete newbie, defer dropping good RM for a shiny gym membership, and let’s make brisk walking/running at the park three times a week a modest goal first. And mymuslimin has the list of cool parks that’ll make the endeavour an enjoyable one always.  

Attend knowledge gatherings

Check out your local masjids and suraus for more information about their activities

2022 saw the return of big-scale knowledge gatherings with the likes of Shaykh Omar Suleiman, Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim, Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan and Shaykh Assim Alhakeem, among others, returning to our shores for much-needed face-to-face sessions. And we say, keep ‘em coming! But while events like these are must-attends, don’t forget all the kuliahs and tazkirahs at our local masjids and suraus too.

Read, reflect and act on the Quran without fail

“Will they not then ponder deeply on the Qur’an?”

(Surah Muhammad 47:24)

Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan writes in Quran Reflect: “If you want to act on the Book of Allah, you have to first understand the Book of Allah. If you don’t have a good understanding, then you’re not going to have good implementation. This Book is not like a magazine, article, or blog. You can’t skim through the Quran to get its treasure.”

Spring-clean our social media

Even if you prefer not to use the word “toxic”, we DO need to get rid of the negative bits in our life, pronto. Read what our columnist and co-founder had to say about this, HERE

Feed the world every day

“And they give (their own) food, in deep love of Allah, to the needy, the orphan and prisoner (out of sacrifice, despite their own desire and need for it), (And say:) ‘We are feeding you only to please Allah. We do not seek any recompense from you nor (wish for) any thanks.”

(Surah Al-Insan 76: 8-9)

It’s a world of abundance, but the sad fact is more than 800 million people in the world still suffer from hunger every single day. No matter how small the amount is, let’s contribute what we have every day, be it to relief efforts, orphanages, single mother organisations, food banks etc. Insya Allah.

Learn Arabic

It’s a shared goal for all of us to understand the Quran, and the only way to do it is to learn the Arabic language, no matter how young or old we are. For complete beginners, we recommend learning through the Madinah Arabic Reader book series.

And one of the best teachers to guide you through the lessons can be found HERE

Also recommended is the YouTube series Arabic 101.

Travel the country and support small businesses!

Take out the fam on road-trips to neighbouring states on weekends and make a stop at as many shops and makan places as possible. Businesses are still recovering from the pandemic, so let’s do our part to help each other out. And for this, do check out mymuslimin’s playlist on YouTube for cool and interesting spots to visit.


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