Hentikan Gurauan Ini!

Ibubapa, pesanlah pada anak-anak agar jangan buat  menarik atau mengalihkan kerusi ketika seseorang hendak duduk. Gurauan ini boleh mendatang mudarat besar pada mangsa.

Unintentional Joy Killer

Parents unintentionally compare their children’s lack of achievement with another who is more successful. It can be devastating, especially to our children. One happy moment can be utterly ruined by one careless word of comparison.

Creating Responsible Children

When school’s out, our children will be spending a significant amount of time at home, over a long period of time. This can be a headache for unprepared parents —and an opportunity for others. One of the opportunities we can seize is to develop their sense of responsibility. Find out how.

When You Think You Have Time

When was the last time you really spent time with your children? Did you know that many older parents miss taking care of their children? Are you aware of how much time is left for you to do just that? Time is shorter than we think.

The Happy Giver

Common sense will tell us that a person receiving something will be happy with their gift. Technically, we should be happy when we receive new toys, the latest mobile phone or a lovely dress. But, is this really true? Ultimately, who’s happier? The giver or the receiver?

Negative Effects of Criticisms

Most parents see criticism as a necessary tool to do the job. They want things to be done within the expected behaviour, time and standard and to encourage and motivate children to do or behave better or to remove themselves from damaging habits and behaviour. However, the children may feel otherwise.

RM or AM/PM?

While our responsibilities to our work or our business are important, we know we’ve crossed the line when we have to use money to transact love and pay for the lost time with the kids. A better strategy is to strive to find the right balance between work and family.

“Bukan Adik Yang Buat!” – Pentingnya Memupuk Budaya Kebertanggungjawaban dalam Keluarga

Apabila ada masalah dalam keluarga, soalan pertama yang diajukan kebanyakan ibu bapa ialah, "Siapa yang buat ni?" Ia kemudiannya diikuti dengan siri kata-kata kasar dan tingkahlaku yang tidak rasional. Apabila keadaan tidak menyebelahi mereka, ramai ibu bapa akan "menyalahkan" dan mula mencari “pesalah”. Mujurlah kita boleh memperbaiki keadaan ini dengan mewujudkan budaya kebertanggungjawaban di rumah.

Instil a Culture of Accountability in Our Family

When something goes wrong in the family, the first question asked by most parents would be, “Who did this?” It is often followed by a series of harsh words and irrational behaviour. When things don’t go their way, many parents go on the “blame” mode and start looking for the offenders. Fortunately, we can reverse the situation by creating an accountability culture at home.

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