Do You Experience Foot Pain? Explore Its Causes And Remedies

Foot pain and foot injury can be caused by a variety of factors. Podiatrists evaluate the irregular foot and leg movement and techniques and footwear while diagnosing and treating foot and leg discomfort and pain. In this article, we explore some causes and remedies for foot pain.

1. Foot pain and plantar fasciitis 

Many people experience soreness at the bottom of their feet. This could be caused by overuse of one of your foot’s various structures. For example, plantar fasciitis is a typical case (overuse of a ligament-like structure that runs underneath the length of the foot).

Standing pain in the morning is a common sign of plantar fasciitis. It is one of the most prevalent difficulties encountered by runners, accounting for several running injuries. It is also frequent in persons in their forties and fifties. It frequently begins as low-grade discomfort in the arch or heel of the foot and can worsen over time.

Home remedy for plantar fasciitis

Here are some home remedies you may try to alleviate plantar fasciitis:

  • choose supportive shoes
  • purchase footwear with a low to moderate heel, thick soles, decent arch support, and additional cushioning
  • avoid wearing worn-out athletic sneakers
  • choose a low-impact sport like swimming or bicycling
  • apply ice underneath your feet.

2. Shin splints or soreness in the shins

‘Shin splints’ is a word that refers to various frequent pains that develop in the shin area during or after exercise. The pain can be caused by some tissues in the shin area, including tendons, muscles, bones, and ligaments. It occurs at the spot where the muscle joins to the bone at the front or inside of the shin.

Possible causes of shin pain

Shin pain is typically caused by improper biomechanics (the way your feet and legs move while running or playing sports), poor training practices, or, in certain circumstances, over-training. The surface on which you run or play your sport might also contribute to shin pain.

How to avoid shin pain

It is necessary to warm up and stretch before exercising or playing sports. Cooling down and stretching afterwards also has to be part of the exercise as this can help prevent shin soreness and pain.

3. Corns and calluses 

A callus is a hardened region of skin on the foot that occurs in response to pressure or friction, most commonly from ill-fitting shoes. When pressure builds up in a limited space, a corn with a centre core may form. Calluses and corns can become painful if the pressure is not eased.

Possible causes of corns and calluses and those affected by it

Anyone can acquire corns or calluses, however, certain groups of people are more vulnerable, including:

  • those who spend a lot of time standing as a result of the constant pressure on their feet 
  • those with flat feet as a result of pressure on the balls of the feet
  • those with high-arched feet as a result of pressure on the outside of the foot
  • those who wear shoes that are small, tight, or ill-fitting frequently.

If you have corns or calluses or suspect you may be developing them, consult a podiatrist. 

Here are some possibilities for treatment:

  • determining and eliminating the source of friction and pressure
  • callus or corn removal 
  • padding that is tailored to redistribute pressure
  • long-term pressure alleviation provided by permanent shoe inserts or orthotics
  • suggestions for better footwear
  • advice about proper foot care, such as applying moisturiser regularly.

In summary, the majority of common foot problems may be avoided and addressed. You are encouraged to wear shoes that fit properly and provide adequate support for your feet. Foot or shin pain may be caused by abnormalities in the mobility of your feet or legs or incorrect footwear, among other factors. You may consult a podiatrist regarding the best options for you.

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