SHORT TAKES: Here’s My (Old) New Year Wish

By: M.Zulkifli

I was writing the other day when something struck me.

How beautiful is the construction of words and languages? How could a bunch of letters form to convey meaning and strike different chords in our hearts? And how does a different word with the same meaning bring a totally different feeling; that could make you laugh or cry? (or both.)

It is indeed one of life’s greatest gifts. And it is indeed a great shame if the simple pleasures of reading and writing are lost on people. As a writer, the depth of a language still astounds me.

So, my wish for the new year is for people to write well. Spell words correctly. There is beauty in a thought expressed well. Don’t let the knowledge go to waste. Nothing is gained by being deliberately (excuse me for saying this) dumb. No matter what language you write in, write it well always. ESPECIALLY when the communication is formal in nature; work-related emails, resumes etc.

Happy New Year!

PS: I actually wrote this note 6 years ago, and it remains relevant today!

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