Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim is Returning to Kuala Lumpur!

Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim is a specialist in Spirituality and Qur’an. He studied Tafsir, Fiqh and Hadith with scholars from Hijaz and Egypt and is sought after by Muslim and non-Muslim organizations, schools and government. Sheikh Yahya educates on domestic violence, misogyny, gender discrimination, child protection, disability and mental health. He was awarded the West Australian Multicultural Community Service Award for Individual Excellence.

He will be discussing two intriguing topics:

SATURDAY, 1 APRIL 2023 (10AM – 4PM)

The Morning Will come: Finding Solace Through Surah Ad-Dhuha

SUNDAY, 2 APRIL 2023 (10AM – 4PM)

Unmasking the Enemy: Guarding Your Soul Against the Devil’s Tactics

Tickets are now available for purchase at an Early Bird discount!

Basic: RM70
Normal: RM90
Premium: RM100
(Valid until one day before the event, 31 March and 1 April 2023)

Basic: RM90
Normal: RM110
Premium: RM130
(Valid on the day of the event, 1 & 2 April 2023)

You can also enjoy a 10% discount for a minimum purchase of 5 tickets! (No group discount for walk-in registration)

Purchase your tickets at


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