Learn the 3 Great Secrets of Being a Great Leader With This Free Webinar

If you want to uncover great strategies on how you can increase your self-awareness about your leadership style and aspire to build great teams in business or in your community to bring about positive change, then this is your chance to attend a free strategic webinar which you will discover 3 secrets of becoming a great leader and winning everyone’s admiration.

How would you like to feel fulfilled at work as a manager, enjoy the journey, and be admired by everyone in 3 months without being frustrated at your team or dreading Mondays?

Once you register for this strategic webinar, you will discover the following three secrets bee idn Illah:

Secret #1: How You Can Create Cohesive Teams Aligned with Your Vision… even if your team has a negative culture and personality conflicts.

Secret #2: How You Can Model the Prophet (p.b.u.h) to practice empathy to influence your team… even if you feel you are not a people person nor the emotional kind.

Secret #3: How Applying Emotional Intelligence Can Assist You in Becoming a Transformational Leader… who can create a high-performance team ready to navigate tough times.

You can register for the webinar by clicking this LINK 

The webinar is conducted by Muhammad Javed, the founder of Muslim Launchpad, an online training company focused on providing professional and leadership development from an Islamic Perspective. He is also the author of 7 Principles of Effective Communication and Emotional Intelligence: The Prophetic Way.

Register for the webinar by clicking this LINK 

Source: Dakwah Corner Bookstore


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