5 Spots for Sumptuous Breakfast Sate in Muar, Johor

By mymuslimin.com

Sate for breakfast? It’s as normal as nasi lemak or bihun here in Muar (affectionately known to locals as “Muo”). Slightly smaller in size compared to the likes of Sate Kajang, the local sate here is definitely not short on flavour, and the accompanying delicious kuah kacang makes it the perfect combo to get your day going. And priced between 80 sen-RM1.20 per stick, it’s also very wallet-friendly.

And here are 5 places we recommend for breakfast sate in Muo:

Ezan Sate – G18 Kompleks Hentian Maharani, Jalan Maharani

Located at the taxi stand next to Muar Traders Hotel, Ezan Sate offers a fantastic view of Sungai Muar as you tuck into breakie. But of course, people come here for the sate, and our favourite is the sate paru, which is not always available elsewhere. Their sate paru is tender and goes very well with the kuah kacang. Also worth trying are the soto and lontong.

Gubok Ann Sate Warisan – 25, Jalan Majidi, Taman Sri Tanjung

Located in the heart of Muar town, their well-marinated sate daging is a must-try. Like most of the other places, it’s a no-frills establishment, but comfortable enough for the whole family, no less.

R&H Café Satay Maharani -15, Jalan Seri Temenggong 26/1, Taman Sri Temenggong

A few minutes from Muar town, R&H is equally popular with locals and out-of-towners alike. The sate is juicy but it’s slightly chunkier than the average sate Muar. And we highly-recommend the tahu lentuk and roti telur goyang as well.  

ZZ Satay Warisan – 13, Jalan Majidi, Taman Sri Tanjung

Located along the same road as Gubok Ann, ZZ is one of the OGs in town. It’s packed with regulars as well as fans from other states, and it’s easy to understand why. Their sate is well-marinated, and the right amount of fat with every stick makes it simply perfect. Just take your seat, and the beef, chicken and ‘perut’ sate will be served almost immediately. Yum! And oh, don’t miss out on flavour-packed the lontong and soto too.

Restoran Mee – Bandung Abu Bakar Hanipa, Jalan Abdullah, Pekan Muar

As the name suggests, this place is famous for another of Muar’s signature dishes, mee bandung. But they also serve up some good sate here. Needless to say though, you can’t leave without ordering a plate of their famous rich and savoury mee bandung.


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