Now I Appreciate Not Being A First-Timer Umrah Visitor to Masjidil Haram Makkah

By Jo Haq

MAKKAH, particularly Masjidil Haram and the Kaabah are overwhelming sights for Muslims who travel to see them with their own eyes, especially first timers. The sad thing is, from now on, whoever goes to Mecca will face difficulty to see the Kaabah clearly, or pray near the Kaabah because you can only tawaf around it or pray fardhu prayers in front of the Kaabah if you wear the ihram.

Women whose attire won’t differentiate them between ihram or not, needs to be accompanied by at least a man with ihram. So, only those who are doing umrah can go near the Kaabah unless you lie and still wear ihram just to see the Kaabah. We shouldn’t lie. Who are we lying to? Not ourselves, not the Saudi Government, but Allah s.w.t.

Now, tawaf sunat and prayers without ihram can only be done on the roof-covered floors or rooftops with larger circumferences; and yet, you cannot see the Kaabah clearly. Many used to try their level best to pray in the Hijir Ismail, touch the Multazam, and the ultimate kiss on Hajarul Aswad while doing tawaf sunat. Now, that is only available to those doing umrah (assuming no liars).

So, I am glad that I snapped so many photos as well as touched and/or kissed, where appropriate; the Kaabah, the Hajarul Aswad, the Multazam, the Hijir Ismail, the Clock Tower, etc; during my 2019 umrah that was before the Covid-19 Movement Control Order (MCO). My 2023 umrah made me appreciate my 2019 umrah a lot.

It is sad to know that those who had never done umrah before Covid-19 MCO may not have the same experience. I must say that leaving the site or sight of the Kaabah does leave behind a sense of longing in a Muslim’s heart. It is a magical feeling – a sadness that gives you pleasure – very much like remembering a demised close family member.

“Positive We Must Be”, if Master Yoda is to comment. This inadequacy of experience opportunity is a catalyst to encourage Muslims to want to do more umrah so that they will be in ihram and not having to lie just to wear the ihram; to be close to the Kaabah. For this, it is a pleasure that Muslims must embrace to do as many rounds of umrah in their trip to Al-Haram, Makkah; for to accumulate that experience (umrah) can only epitomise the very rare few non-sinful greed allowable for Muslims to indulge, Insya-Allah.

20 January 2023/27 Jamadil-Akhir 1444


Dapatkan Buku-Buku karya Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri di sini:



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